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What is Value for Value?

Value for value is a monetization model that gives a choice to the consumer of content on whether or not to compensate for the creator for their work. By default, all of my content is free. I don't want you to pay me for my content unless you've benefitted from it in some way shape or form.

Value for Value

I encourage you to tip me an amount that makes sense for you. If you want to say thanks, then perhaps ϟ1000 (₿0.00001000) or $1.00 is all that is needed. I know that I appreciate every cent or satoshi. Contributions help me continue making content, and give me an indication into which pieces of content you like, so I can make more of that. I don't monetize my content with advertisements because above all else, I value both our time. If I'm talking about a product in my content or podcast, it's because I use it and I think it would benefit you. Please use the widget below to pick a currency that works best for you. I accept all forms of money, if you don't see the option of currency you wish to send me, get in touch and I'll be happy to figure out how to recieve your contribution.

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